Macdonald Pre-Licensing Course - Vancouver West

Macdonald Pre-Licensing Course - Vancouver West


Macdonald Realty Office, 2105 West 38th Avenue, Vancouver


There are no refunds available after purchase. We’re confident that you’ll pass the BC Real Estate Licensing Exam after taking our pre-licensing course. But if you don’t - you can take the course again, free of charge.

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We offer a fresh approach to pre-licensing courses that will help you successfully pass the BC Real Estate Licensing exam. In this course, you will learn and absorb course information directly from our head instructor who has over 17 years of industry experience.

This all-inclusive course includes:

1.      Condensed and easy-to-understand chapter notes and PowerPoint presentations

2.      Expert real estate knowledge and training

3.      Instructor-led, open discussions to encourage students to discuss course topics and develop further understanding on course material

4.      Quizzes to test knowledge

5.      An in-class experience with small class sizes, so you receive tailored support and attention

6. A mock exam at the end of the course to test your recently acquired knowledge.