What we offer



Whether you’re just starting out with your real estate course, half-way through, or have been unsuccessful in passing the BC Real Estate Licensing exam, we’re here to help.

Valued at $900, our pre-licensing course typically runs for 8 weeks, 2 times a week. Our all-inclusive course includes:

1.      Condensed and easy-to-understand chapter notes and PowerPoint presentations

2.      Expert real estate knowledge and training

3.      Instructor-led, open discussions to encourage students to discuss course topics and develop further understanding on course material

4.      Quizzes to test knowledge

5.      An in-class experience with small class sizes, so you receive tailored support and attention

6. A mock exam at the end of the course to test your recently acquired knowledge


We currently offer in-class experiences at our Macdonald Realty offices in Vancouver, Coquitlam and Maple Ridge.

We’ll be offering courses in other locations shortly – if you’d like to be kept updated on when a new location opens up, contact us here.

Macdonald Realty Office, 2105 West 38th Avenue, Vancouver


Macdonald Realty Office, 2662 Austin Avenue, Unit #5c, Coquitlam


Macdonald Realty Office, 20691 Lougheed Highway, Unit #6, Maple Ridge



Before you start our course, take the time to research the ‘Starting a Career in Real Estate’ page on the Real Estate Council of BC Website.

In a calmer market, you may be questioning whether now is the right time to take the course and become a real estate agent. Here’s why it is -

1.      A calmer market means you’ll have the time to learn without distractions, prepare your marketing collateral and start building a client list - this way you’ll be fully prepared for success

2.      A calmer market means some agents have been forced to exit the industry - which means less competition for you

3.      The market can pick up at any time – you want to be licensed and ready when it does

The Macdonald Pre-Licensing Course must be taken in conjunction with the BC Real Estate Licensing Course. The aim of our course is to simplify the BC real estate course material to help you pass the licensing exam on your first attempt.